CAMCAU (Latin = Cyclea barbata)
Creep cincau
Indonesian: Cincau vines, camcau, cau, Malay: Cincao

~ Cincau vines included in the rate-sirawanan sirawan (Menispermaceae).
~ Stems of plants called the Sunda tarawulu, trewulu, camcauh is about 1 cm in diameter and propagates to the right on the host tree with a length of 5 to 16 meters.
~ There are four types of grass jelly is known to the public, the green grass jelly, black grass jelly, grass jelly grass jelly oil and shrubs.

ES grass jelly recipe
~ 300 g of green grass jelly jelly solid ready to use. (Blender sliced ​​green Cincau use berulang2 hgg Extract juice blender juice out throw the waste, let stand ready agar2 mjd jelly)
~ 500 ml coconut milk cooked.
~ Ice cubes to taste.
~ Red syrup
~ 300gr sugar.
~ 100ml water.
~ 2 pieces of pandan leaves.
~ 2 lime leaves.
~ Red dye.
~ Create a red syrup: boil water, sugar, pandan leaves, lime leaves and red dye to boil.
~ Prepare a glass of syrup give the red, green grass jelly, coconut milk, shaved ice serve immediately.


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